What's the difference between a resume that lands interviews at top companies like Google, Tesla, Kraft, EY, and Accenture...

... and one that goes off into the black hole that is some recruiter's applicant tracking system, leaving you wondering if you ever even had a chance at getting your foot in the door?

If you guessed..

... spending time looking for special formatting that sends readers into a hypnotic state where they start handing out interviews like Oprah on a Christmas special.

You'd be wrong.

... slaving for hours to capture and wordsmith every task you've ever done at every job you've ever had.

You'd be wrong. 

... waiting until you have experience that perfectly aligns with the target job and satisfies every job requirement.

You'd still be wrong.

Whether you've lost your job, you're worried about losing your job, or just want to figure out how to land an interview at your dream company ...

One thing is always true

You need your resume to be an interview getting machine, and it has little to do with the things you guessed were difference makers.

And until you change what you're doing, you're going to wake up for the third week in a row after sending out hundreds of resumes and see... nothing. 

No response at all.

And even though you saw the upload confirmations of your job applications you feel like you should check in to make sure they got it because... how could this many companies not at least want to talk to you?

The good news is I'm going to tell you each step you need to write your resume (in less than a day!) so it does a proper job reflecting the value that you bring to the table... which ultimately brings on the overflow of job interviews.

Before I get to how you make this change, though, you need to understand the barriers you're up against.

For starters, you have about 5 seconds for your resume to grab your reader's attention...

... and once you have it, you have maybe 60 seconds before a decision is made on whether or not to interview you.

So if you get your resume wrong… in less time than it takes you to brush your teeth, your chance to land your dream job goes up in smoke without you even getting a second thought.

And that pressure you’re feeling? 

If you don’t fix your resume, the pressure you’re feeling will only grow, especially if you’re between jobs… watching the emergency savings in your bank account power-flush towards zero while you anxiously wait for those interview calls to come in…

… and the prognosis isn’t much better when you come into a soul-crushing job that kills a not-so-little piece of you every day you come into the office.

Throw a crashing economy into the mix and the stakes are even higher, with more people jockeying for fewer jobs... and it makes for a perfect storm of debilitating anxiety.

With so much on the line...

Wouldn't you agree such a potentially life-changing decision shouldn't be left up to chance?

Yes? I figured you would.

And once you know how to turn your resume into an interview magnet, how much relief will you feel knowing:

... No matter what the economy throws at you, you'll be confident you can support yourself (and your family) because people who know how to market themselves ALWAYS have people looking to work with them.

... Every word on your resume is engineered to maximize your chances of landing an interview so you can truly shine and land that dream job.

... You have a process for making your resume as close to recession-proof as you're going to see. There are no guarantees but in my experience, good things always happen to those people who focus on controlling what they control.

But before I can help you turn your resume into the interview magnet you deserve, the first step is to understand there's a lot of resume myths out there distracting you from what's really important.

So let's address right now...

The Six Biggest, Most Commonly Held Myths That are Killing Your Resume's Interview Prospects

Myth #1: Every minute detail of every job you've ever done deserves space on your resume.

Truth: Nobody wants to read your life story. They simply want to know if you're worth talking to about the position that needs to be filled.  

Myth #2: To get more interviews, you should just keep spamming the same resume to every job.

Truth: Submitting job applications has gotten easier than ever. More than 90% of job applications are submitted online but...

Landing job interviews isn’t the total game of chance some would have you to believe... 

The easier it becomes to submit resumes, the more time you need to spend making sure yours is sending the right message — and not giving the impression you just hit upload and submit on as many applications as possible like most people do. 

Myth #3: You don’t have enough time to craft a proper resume.

Truth: You can actually have a hard-hitting, eyeball-grabbing resume done in less than a day IF you know what I know (and I'm going to share with you)

Myth #4: You don't need a resume if you're not actively looking right now.

Truth: If you haven't learned anything else in 2020, it should be this. Stuff happens, and you could find yourself unexpectedly needing to land a new gig.

What's even better than knowing you'll be able to ride out the storm is the fact that writing a proper resume translates to LinkedIn bios, which translates to opportunities finding you that you didn't even know existed.

Myth #5: Nobody's hiring right now.

Truth: Yes, hiring may be slowed but you should that with a challenging times i.e. recession, new opportunities are created in struggling companies.

And other companies will see their fortunes grow, which will create a different set of opportunities.

The bottom line is you need to focus on not removing yourself from competition before the game even starts.

Myth #6: You need to meet all of a job description's requirements to have a strong resume.

Truth: Most job descriptions are written for the ideal candidate, and finding the ideal candidate is tough, especially if there are deadlines involved.

I read a Harvard Business Review report (I think) on how men apply for jobs after meeting 60% of requirements where women tend to try to meet 100% first. 

The reasons for that might not be what you think but the message is still the same. You don't need to be part of this statistic.

It might feel a little like the "red wedding" episode of Game of Thrones after seeing all those myths brutally slaughtered, but you're better off for it.

The last piece of the puzzle is letting you in on my approach that makes it so you can fully see...

Resume Writing Is Not Guesswork!

And while knowing that is great, knowing what to do is even better. I'm talking about my personal resume writing method that keeps the interview requests flowing and has done so for the last 15 years. Things like:

  • How to use whatever experience you have to grab the attention of your reader and make them want to take a "risk" on you
  • What a summary looks like that doesn't have the reader jumping up with their buzzword bingo card because you checked every box in record time
  • An approach for writing persuasive bullets faster than anything else I've seen taught (how many other people do you know that can write a resume that works in less than a day?)
  • The fastest way to know the key messages that will tap into your reader's brain so they can't help but to call you for an interview (and they'll be tripping over themselves to get to their phone to do it)

I know that may sound like a reach, especially with what's going on around us, but everything I'm telling you is possible, regardless of the economy.

Now I get that after all of that myth-busting before and now with these bold claims about my approach, you're probably wondering...

Who am I and why should you believe anything I say?

That's a fair question, and one I would expect from a discerning professional like yourself...

My name is Eric Butts (you can call me EB) and I run a ericpbutts.com, as site helping aspiring accountants and consultants pour rocket fuel on their career progression.

Part of what I do includes helping people write resumes to land interviews at their dream companies like I've been able to do with Google, Kraft, and Pepsi to name a few.

And all of this has come without growing up next door to a couple of CEOs learning corporate speak as a second language.

What I've shared with you so far has nothing to do with any professional certification or something I read about in a text book.

Yes, I am a licensed CPA in three states and have an MBA from Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management but I most proudly represent...

The school of hard knocks!

What I based on what I learned spending years refining my own resume and resumes I get from other eager high-performing job seekers like yourself. 

Everything I teach is based on what I see working in the world right now.

As a little more background on why I do this...

When I was getting ready to make my debut in the corporate world back in 2005, it was all too common to feel like my resume was straight-up ignored whenever I applied for a job… 

Then I worked with a career coach who opened my eyes to what a good resume could do (which landed me a job at Pepsi as a financial accountant) and ever since then I've been obsessed with refining my resume and helping others do the same.

… and these days it’s not uncommon for me to get 2-3 unsolicited interview requests per week

It's not just me doing for myself either.

I've also helped a public school teacher transition to a management consultant position with a psychology degree...

... and a project manager with ZERO education experience transition to a private school administrator role, beating out 100 other candidates (after almost not applying because of so many unmet job requirements).

I tell you these things not to brag but to say I’m confident you can do the same with the information I’m about to share with you revealing exactly what I do to remove any uncertainty that my resume is competitive for any job I apply to.

And that's exactly what you'll find in...

“Breakthrough Resume Writing”

After seeing so many people make common mistakes I’ve decided to share the resume secrets I’ve learned in a resume writing course -- Breakthrough Resume Writing. 

This course is the only chance that I know of where you’ll have the opportunity to work with a current practitioner to understand exactly what top companies are looking for in your resume so you can turn yours into an interview magnet.

I put this course together so you can overcome the biggest resume challenges I see with no overwhelm:

  • No more holding off on your resume because you don't know if you meet enough requirements (you do)
  • No more holding off on your resume because you think nobody's hiring (they are)
  • No more holding off on your resume because you're looking for a graphic designer (you don't need one)

The result is a simple, easy-to-implement approach to cranking out a resume in less than a day that's as close to recession-proof as you're ever going to get.

So what's in Breakthrough Resume Writing?

Breakthrough Resume Writing is a quick-to-consume, five module course (video and audio only options) you can listen to on your commute or even while you’re taking the dog for a quick walk around the block. Each module is focused on actionable advice so you can start getting more interviews TODAY.  

Here's come of the career-changing takeaways you'll be equipped with after completing the course:

Module 1: Purpose and Overall Structure

This is where you'll learn the core structure of what you need to include your resume, what you should leave out, and the right order make all the ingredients work together like grandma's lasagna (yes, the order matters).

But most importantly, you'll learn or confirm how you should think about the purpose of your resume and what kind of work you should expect it to do for you.

Here's how you'll get there:

  • What job seekers who consistently get interviews know about resume writing
    If you don’t have this simple concept ingrained deep into your brain, you’ll be destined for a life of mediocre results

  • The 4 things you need to include in a resume that consistently gets interviews (and 3 things you should exclude)
    These building blocks will give you the rock-solid foundation of a resume that’ll have recruiters and hiring managers piling into your inbox to interview you, even when you’re not looking for a job

Module 2: The Opening

Once you're comfortable with the purpose and structure of your resume, you'll dive into how to craft the first element of your resume. This is where we'll learn about what to do on your resume to grab attention right away and prime the reader to WANT to spend more than the usual 6 seconds reading YOUR resume.

Here's how what you'll learn to to get there:

  • The only 3 ways you should begin a resume if you want more interviews + examples. These work at all experience levels and doing anything other than one of these is practically guaranteeing your resume a one-way ticket to the reject pile. You don’t want that, do you?

Module 3: Bullet Content

After you pick up momentum with your opening, this is where your value is really going to shine through on your resume. The truth is a single bullet can be enough to land you an interview at your dream company.

And there are two concepts you'll knock out that will make that dream a reality:

  • The one question you should ask to know if a bullet should make it into your resume
    Literally every day I see resumes missing this critical point and that’s costing them thousands of dollars they could have easily put in their pocket by asking this one question.

  • The one word that gives any resume an instant boost in credibility.
    When it comes to melting away any doubt that you’re the right person for the job, injecting this word into your resume is just what the doctor ordered. 

Module 4: Bullet Word Choice

So now you know what bullets you should include based on what you did in module 3, you're going to crank the persuasion up a few notches and find the perfect words to show that not only do you do impressive, relevant things but you also already speak their language.

Here's what you'll do to show the reader that you can start with less of a learning curve than your competition:

  • How to find the exact words you should use on your resume to get more interviews.
    These 4 places will gift wrap the perfect words for you to place directly in your resume with NO GUESSING every single time (most resume writers don’t think of these but now you will). 

Module 5: The "Salmon Run" Technique for Fast Writing

In this final module, you'll learn a technique that I estimate will put you ahead of 99% of your peers when it comes to being able to respond quickly without sacrificing quality. It is icing on an already delicious resume cake that you build in modules 1 through 4.

Here's how you'll do it:

  • The “salmon run” technique that will have you leaving your competition in the dust with the way you can write a compelling resume for any job within minutes
    If you need to write resumes for multiple jobs and do it fast, I think this is the best way to go about it. Once you see it, you may want to slap yourself for not thinking of it first (but please don’t).

And since you've stayed with me so far, I want to show you how much I appreciate you and how much I'm invested in your success with a few extra goodies.

Bonus #1: Early Career Resume ($97 Value)

Template download and video breakdown of the resume I was using a couple of years out of college. It worked to get interviews but I'll also share some places where there is some opportunity to tighten things up and make it more compelling.

Bonus #2: Mid-Career Resume ($97 Value)

Template download and video breakdown of the exact resume I used that landed me an interview that ultimately led to a 73% increase in my salary. My life was forever changed, and I don't think it would've happened without the resume. There's also another key tip I'll share in the video breakdown on why this resume was effective.

Bonus #3: Consulting Executive Resume ($97 Value)

This is a version of the resume that now includes my consulting experience. This one has and continues to get attention from top companies in industry and other consulting firms.

Bonus #4: Access to private list where I share job leads ($47/month value)

I mentioned earlier that it's not uncommon for me to get 2-3 leads coming to me per week. What I didn't mention is that almost every time they come to me they're also looking for referrals if the job isn't a fit for me and 9 out of 10 times I don't do anything with them. This is just a way for me to pass along info that might be useful.

Bonus #5: Access to ask me questions about your resume or job search (priceless)

Once you enroll in Breakthrough Resume Writing, you'll be able to send across quick questions on what you're doing or thinking and I will give you my honest thoughts, and I'll let you know if it's something I've seen before or applying a critical lens and extrapolating based on other experiences. I doubt you're going to be able to get this anywhere else.

A good resume has the potential to literally change your life

You know that feeling right before you submit an application for a job -- the one where you feel like you’re putting a decent resume forward but you’re not quite sure if it’s as good as it can be?

You can say goodbye to that feeling forever today. 

The techniques I teach you plus the bonuses will give you the confidence of knowing you’re always putting your best self forward... 

… even if you haven’t updated your resume in years... 

… even if you have little to no direct experience in your target industry.

You’ll learn how to get your foot in the door at the top companies in the world and change your career trajectory.

So what do you have to invest to get such a breakthrough in your career?

If you wanted to just go out and have your resume professionally written, you should expect to pay between $200 and $300 for an early career resume up to 2 years out of college)... more than $500 for a mid-career professional (below director level) and $1,000+ for more advanced careers. That’s nothing to sneeze at...

… And while you may be happy with the result, you won’t fully understand the rationale behind why they wrote what they did…

With Breakthrough Writing, you’ll have a repeatable process and an understanding of the psychology that makes a resume work to serve you throughout your career… and you won’t pay anywhere as much as you would to have a resume writer do it for you.

So let's recap everything you're getting:

  • Breakthrough Resume ($200 - $1,000 value)
  • Entry Level Resume and Video Breakdown ($97 value)
  • Mid-Level Resume and Video Breakdown ($97 value)
  • Consulting Executive Resume and Video Breakdown ($97 value)
  • Job lead list ($47/month value)
  • Access to yours truly to email quick questions about your resume / job search (priceless)

That's a total value of $838 if you use the mid-level market rate for resume writers and what I plan to sell the otherwise unavailable bonuses for as standalone products.

But when you enroll in Breakthrough Resume Writing today, you'll get instant access for $97 and begin your sprint toward a top notch resume and landing an interview at your dream company.

All you have to do is click the black button with the orange text below, set up your online account and enter your credit card details. Once you’ve enrolled, you’ll get a personal email from me with a link to log into the course where you can start seeing results in your resume literally within minutes.

Are you ready to transform your resume into an interview-getting machine?

The EB Never Less Than Success Guarantee

I'm so excited to work with you and want to make it as easy as possible for you to confidently and enthusiastically jump on this offer that I'm going to make you a promise...

You can go through the five modules any time over the next 60 days and if you're not seeing and feeling the change I promised…

… the ability to write a killer resume within minutes and the knowledge of how to find the exact words to use (and what to leave out)...

… and double your interview responses...

... the peace of mind as you click submit on your job application knowing you had the benefit of having an insider in your corner

… you’ll get your money back 100% with no questions asked AND I’ll get on the phone with you and personally work through your resume with you until you do.

The reason I'm so confident is because 1) I'm showing you what I see working every day -- not a has been trying to "pivot" into a new career and 2) I've broken it down into simple steps for high performing financial professionals like you to see results fast.

Are you ready to transform your resume into an interview-getting machine?

Even with a great guarantee, there are some questions top tier accountants and CFO consultants might ask before jumping into Breakthrough Resume Writing with an unshakeable "YES!"

Q1: Money is tight right now. Will this really work for me?

If money is right right now, and changing that situation is dependent on landing a new job, you want to stack the deck in your favor as much as possible. And Breakthrough Resume Writing is the best way I know how to do that.

While I specialize in accounting and consulting, the truth is I fully believe what I teach applies to any industry where you have humans involved (i.e all of 'em).

And the good news is, even if it doesn't you have a full 60 days to figure that out and can get 100% of your money back by dropping me a quick note at [email protected]

Q2: I don't think I have the right experience to land my dream job. Will I be able to get the same offer later?

When you're done with Breakthrough Resume Writing, you'll understand the change that happens when you focus on skills and results instead of who's name is over the door where you've been faithfully taking your talents every day.

I guess what I'm saying is I don't know if the offer will be here later or not but I believe you have what you need right now to make a real shift in your career.

Q3: What about the graphic designer to make my resume look pretty?

I'm teaching you the fastest path I know to get the results you deserve -- more interviews and more job offers with more money. Once your resume is dialed in, sure you can go back to it and add some extra flare. But I suspect you'll be more concerned with figuring what to do with all the extra money coming into your bank account each month.

Q4: I see other resume writers making offers. Why should I choose yours?


A lot of resume writing offers I see are from a recruiter's perspective with an excessive amount of time focusing on ATS compliance.

Breakthrough Resume Writing is for the action-taking, high achieving job seeker and focuses on how business actually happens.

I think that what I teach is the fastest way to get to results. 

Q5: Do you write resumes full-time?

No, I am a full-time CPA / management consultant, serving a number of clients in different industries. That exposure day in and day out is what best positions me to share with you what's working right now, bypassing HR with a front row seat to where the work you want to do is happening.

Q6: I have a lot going on right now. How much time is this going to take?

I estimate you can spend a couple of hours and have a fully loaded resume for a job you want to apply for. To get the full benefit and set yourself up to be able to crank out resumes for different jobs, I think you can comfortably do that in a day.

Q7: You make a compelling case. Can you remind me of everything you're including again?

I sure can. Check it:

  • Breakthrough Resume ($200 - $1,000 value)
  • Entry Level Resume and Video Breakdown ($97 value)
  • Mid-Level Resume and Video Breakdown ($97 value)
  • Consulting Executive Resume and Video Breakdown ($97 value)
  • Job lead list ($47/month value)
  • Access to yours truly to email quick questions about your resume / job search (priceless)

That's a real United States dollar total value of $838 that you can get right now for only $97 (aka 88% savings) for enrolling today.

Are you ready to transform your resume into an interview-getting machine?

Still reading? Here are nine ways to know you're ready to land an interview at your dream company

1. You're writing your first real resume and want to make sure you get it right, because you know the impression you make with your resume could be the only chance you get.

2. You already have a resume that's producing underwhelming results, but you know you have the right skills. Or at least you thought you did before the deafening silence from hiring managers and recruiters kinda sorta destroyed your confidence.

3. You know what you're looking for in your job search because knowing that makes for a stronger resume. It allows you to focus so you can give the reader that "this was made just for you feeling" because it really was! 

4. You're not afraid to put in work because you know there's no magic bullet and the best jobs will always have competition. Your superpower is working smarter than them.

5. You've already shown you're willing to put in work by investing 30-60 minutes every day on your job search looking for people who you can contact at your ideal company. Most jobs today are filled by referral. You embracing that puts you at a significant advantage over your competition.

6. You value results over form because you know putting lipstick on a pig that wreaks of yesterday's rotting trash doesn't make it any less of a pig, especially when you get up real close.

7. You're aware that a Breakthrough Resume is your golden ticket. You understand the only way to get into the companies you want to be in, in the roles you should be in, is to prove it first on your resume.

8. You're excited to try Breakthrough Resume Writing because you know by this time tomorrow, your whole career trajectory could change. And your investment will continue to pay you dividends your entire career.

9. You're ready to take the next next 60 days to implement simple techniques and get results like you've never had, knowing that if you feel like the program isn't working out, you can get 100% of your money back, which means...

It's a risk free proposition for you. 

Now, if you found yourself nodding "yes" to at least six of these, then you're perfectly equipped to make this transformation (even if you don't feel like it), and I'll even provide the roadmap...

When you enroll in Breakthrough Resume Writing by clicking on the button below

Are you ready to transform your resume into an interview-getting machine?